SR e-Learning

Present your expertise and guidance to GP’s through the easy to use
SR e-Learning service.

15 Minutes

GP’s can complete a course in just 15 minutes. A game changer for time-poor GPs.

GPs can do SR e-Learning at work, in work time, when they have a patient that does not show.

Also available externally via

How did SR e-Learning start?

The idea of bite-sized SR e-Learning was actually suggested by a GP at the GP CME in Rotorua in 2018. GP’s love SR as a time-saver, convenient and easy to use referral tool. The idea of extending the SR features of convenience and ease of use into the e-Learning space has strong appeal to GP’s and Specialists alike. With hundreds of GP’s already logging into SR on a daily basis, using it as an opportunity to encourage e-Learning and build the relationship between GP’s and specialists is a “no-brainer”.

  • Courses are an endorsed CPD activity by RNZCGP.
  • SR also registers course completion details for all GP’s completing each individual course with RNZCGP – saving time and hassle for GP’s.

Key Benefits

  • Convenient bite-sized courses for GP’s – 15 mins
  • Courses live nationwide for a full year
  • Accessible and helpful to GP’s everyday at work and also from external login anytime at
  • Integrated with your profile on SR
  • Promoted as GP’s are searching referral categories
  • Professionally sharing your knowledge with GPs
  • Time poor GPs and those unable to attend conferences are finding the e-Learning service particularly helpful
  • There is no cost for the GPs to complete the courses
  • Courses can be based on seminars you have prepared, reaching more GPs

SR e-Learning is also accessible to Nurses and other practice staff – e-Learning Certificates will be helpful for nurses to have on file as part of their ongoing professional development.

Talk to us for more info and booking e-Learning packages.