Healthpages is NZ’s most comprehensive site of NZ health services and professionals.

GP’s and practice staff often refer patients to Healthpages for more information on services.

Healthpages includes:

  • All private Medical Specialists
  • Private Hospitals, Rest Homes and Hospice
  • Primary Health Professionals – including GP’s, Audiologists, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and Midwives
  • Disability and Home Support
  • Social Services
  • Features health professional photos, special interests and the full range of service’s they provide.
  • Device Responsive, Geo-Search by your location.
  • Healthpages is the source health professionals rely on when referring patients.
  • Healthpages also identifies specialists who have Urgent Appointments Available and are Southern Cross Affiliated Providers for Consultation.

Handy for Patients

At a glance you can see both health support organisations and expert medical services for many health topics.

With related services grouped, Healthpages makes it easy to find help that you may not have known existed.

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