SR Specialists & Referrals

Delivering Referrals

SR has delivered over 500,000 referrals to private specialists from GP’s as of February 2020.

  • The SR service is the entire NZ Medical Specialists & Hospitals Directory accessible in Medtech software for GP’s to view all specialist info and refer electronically.
  • The daily rate of referrals and number of GP’s using SR to refer is still growing.

GPs can email the Specialist Profile to their patient – patients can then click the ph number on their ph to call and make their appointment.

GP’s also love

  • GPs and patients can see specialists that have Urgent Appointments available.
  • Specialist search results can be refined to specialists that Southern Cross Affiliated Providers for Consultation.
  • Referrals can include attachments and photos.
  • GP’s can automatically set a Followup Task for private referrals.


  • Specialists see email referral notification immediately.
  • Referrals can be accessed anywhere anytime by Specialists and their staff (not just when in the office).
  • Referrals can be flagged as Urgent – seen by specialist in referral notification and in Referral Hub.
  • Specialists can Acknowledge and Decline referrals – sending a message back to the GP.

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