Primary Health & Wellbeing Services Directory

Promoting Referrals and Meeting Patient Needs

12,000 +

Copies distributed annually

Published annually since 2007

Our 2018 Survey reflects:

  • 80% of respondents stated that they have referred clients to somebody in the directory.
  • 50% of users did not have a name in mind the most recent they used in the directory.
  • 82% found providers in the directory they previously did not know about.
  • 62% stated they need to be impartial in their roles and provide clients with a choice of options where possible.

The feedback below explains why the Primary Health & Wellbeing Directory is so valued and widely used.

  • The Primary Health & Wellbeing Services Directory includes all Allied Health Services, GP’s and GP Practices, Needs Assessors, Disability Services, Respite Care, Mental Health Services and community and specialist health services nationwide.
  • The Directory is a well established referral tool used by health and social service providers to on-refer to other services.
  • It is also an invaluable quick reference networking tool for health professionals.


  • General Practitioners
  • Practice Managers/ Nurses
  • Social workers / Advocates
  • Needs Assessors
  • Home Care Providers
  • Health Professionals – including Audiologists, Chiropractors, Counsellors, Midwives, Optometrists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists
  • Mental Health Service providers
  • Community & Health organisations, e.g. CAB,  Plunket Nurses, Family Planning, Child & Youth Services, Health Support Organisations, Community Constables
  • Elderly and Disability service organisations
  • All organisations represented in the directory

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